Training Practice

We are delighted and proud to announce that we have achieved approval as a training practice,
helping qualified doctors complete their specialist training to become qualified GPs.

This role is termed a GP Registrar.

GP registrars are active team members with a full part in the work of the surgeries, seeing patients, doing telephone consultations, home visits and attending practice meetings. They tend to have 4-12 month placements with the surgery. Their work is supervised by our approved GP trainer (Dr Zaklama), but you will find much of the time they are consulting patients independently. It is a vital part of their learning that they experience the various challenges of general practice, in addition to regular joint/observed surgeries and teaching sessions with their trainers.

You may be asked for your permission to video your consultation (excluding clinical examinations) in order that this recording can be used in a teaching session between GP trainer and GP registrar. These recordings are deleted immediately after use, and permission can be refused prior to OR after a recording has taken place.

Your refusal will not affect your treatment in any way.

You will be informed at the point of booking your appointment if your consultation will be with a GP registrar. You can still choose to consult with another doctor of your choosing at the practice, but to do so may require you to wait longer for a consultation.

We would stress that all aspects of general practice, including training, are governed by rules of strict confidentiality.

Strategic Statement

It is our belief and aspiration that achieving training practice status will enhance the quality of care we provide, by allowing the surgery to benefit from fresh ideas and new approaches brought by young, enthusiastic doctors.

Patients will additionally benefit from an availability of a wider range of clinicians with which to consult, with a greater variety of skills and training.

By maintaining our status as a training practice, we will be able to demonstrate the consistent high standards of clinical care we provide for our patients, as is required to remain an active training practice.